How byREQUEST® Works

The byREQUEST® Document Management Solution For Symitar® Consists Of:


A byREQUEST® Report Specialist

You have access to our expert report conversion and publishing team. This team will ensure a rapid no disruption deployment of your solution and address additional report conversion needs as they arise. In order to ensure a highly tailored solution you will be assigned a dedicated Report Conversion and Publishing Specialist.

A byREQUEST® Software Application

As your SYMITAR® application sends reports to the printer, byREQUEST® ‘grabs’ copies and based on a preconfigured protocol turns them into Excel, PDF, and/or Word documents. These reports are organized and filed as they are produced.

Each report is date-and time-stamped and sent to a secure, read-only folder. All of this is done automatically. The volume and delivery of reports can be adjusted to your credit union’s specifications.

Users browse the secure network folders to retrieve the necessary reports. You can email traveling executives secure report copies, or upload them to a virtual business report archive, which can be accessed safely from anywhere.


onHAND® Report Server:

File Cabinet

An Optional Component of The byREQUEST® Solution 

Your converted SYMITAR® business reports can be automatically filed into onHAND® – a virtual filing cabinet that manages the lifecycle of all the business reports in your Credit Union.  Similar to a manual filing cabinet with folders and drawers, onHAND® is an electronic filing cabinet.  Business reports are securely classified, indexed, organized and stored in a centralized database as they are produced.
It’s totally automatic.

The byREQUEST® Solution Summarized

With onHAND® added you have a comprehensive end to end solution for converting, publishing, archiving and distributing your Symitar® Reports.

The Hillary consulting team will help you assess if the byREQUEST® Solution makes sense for your environment and if the optional onHAND® component is indicated for your specific needs.

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