A Gallery of Reports

We Convert ALL Symitar® Reports

This gallery represents just a few examples of what’s possible with byREQUEST®

See examples of TEXT formatted Symitar® Reports converted to EXCEL formats.

As you view the Gallery keep in mind:

  • All your Symitar® reports can be converted into PC formats
  • Reports can often be converted to appear just as you’d like to see them

A Gallery of reports converted from Symitar® into EXCEL formats.

New Loan Report

Original New Loan Report TEXT file:

Converted New Loan Report EXCEL files:

Delinquency Report

Original Delinquency Report TEXT file:

Converted Delinquency Report EXCEL file:

Trial Balance Report

Original Trial Balance Report TEXT file:

Converted Trial Balance Report EXCEL file:

ACH Exceptions Report

Original ACH Exceptions Report TEXT file:

Converted ACH Exceptions Report PDF file:

Converted ACH Exceptions Report EXCEL file:

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